Patient Success Stories

Marley S.

When I was young I feared the dentist but my daughter doesn’t hesitate when it’s time to go and she’s 4.. not only are the staff great and there’s no wait time the art work is phenomenal any kid and parent will be amazed how the theme goes on throughout every room.. The icing on the cake is the superstar glasses and tv’s in the ceiling… way to go Doc u made the dental visit an experience every kid should know… thank you

Stephanie C.

I was quite satisfied with our visit. The staff was very kind. My son is special needs (ASD) and this was his first visit here. I really appreciate the way they handled my son because I know he can be quite the fidget and anything going in his mouth is automatically considered a chew toy or food (including hands and dental tools).

Barry B.

The Dentist, Dr. Bristol-Martir, is very compassionate about what she does. Our experience is always welcoming and pleasant. I wish I would have known about this place sooner with my other, older children. Thank you all.